A word from Juan

Hello everyone, my name is Juan.  I am a senior at Aurora Central High School and a Boys Hope Girls Hope Academy scholar.  Boys Hope Girls Hope is more than just an after school tutoring program or a summer school. Boys Hope Girls Hope is an extraordinary group of people who help others create better futures for themselves so they succeed in life.
Through Boys Hope Girls Hope, we serve our community by doing volunteer work. We’ve contributed in the National Day of Service, the Polar Plunge, and we’ve even helped paint the houses of the elderly. Besides tutoring and service, Boys Hope Girls Hope has a strong purpose to improve every single scholar’s academics and help them reach their desired goal – to graduate from college.

IMG_8424For example, I’ve been on five college visits since my sophomore year and two of these college visits were overnight stays. I’ve visited University of Northern Colorado, Colorado Mesa University, Adams State University, Colorado College and last year I visited the Illinois Institute of Technology while visiting my family in Chicago. I would have never thought to go on a campus tour if not for the encouragement from BHGH staff. Whether it’s the University of Colorado Boulder or Stanford University, Boys Hope Girls Hope will help us get there.

Most of our scholars are involved in summer camps such as SUMMET Multicultural Engineering Program at the Colorado School of Mines; Middlebury Monterey Language Academy in Vermont and World Affairs Seminar on Global Energy at Carroll University in Wisconsin. As for myself, I am attending RYLA leadership camp in Estes Park and the BHGH Collegiate Camp in Nebraska and am very excited for both!

By many, I am seen as a student who cannot go to college because of my family’s income. I am seen as a student who cannot go to college because of the reputation of Aurora Central High School. However, Boys Hope Girls Hope has seen past the factors that affect myself and others and view us as bright, dedicated and determined young adults who CAN go to college.

We all strive to make the future better and our generation can do it, so when is there a better time than now? The Boys Hope Girls Hope staff believes that college will help all of us better the world. We are inspired and influenced by these staff members and with a college degree in our desired majors, we know that we can achieve these goals to benefit the world in areas like technology, nature, and medicine. Through Boys Hope Girls Hope, we can make these dreams of ours become a reality.

Because of Boys Hope Girls Hope, I have become a better person. My academics in certain areas like math and science have improved significantly.  And my personal thoughts about my future have been enlightened with positivity as well. I used to be negative and felt discouraged by my future. However, now I like to think of myself as a friendly, optimistic person who is determined to live a wonderful life. Now I have hope and I have dedication to create an outstanding life for myself and others.  This comes from personal motivation and the encouragement from Boys Hope Girls Hope.
I’d like to thank Boys Hope Girls Hope, my friends, my family, and to all of the donors who make this happen. Without your support, we would never be able to experience such amazing things beyond Aurora, Colorado. Thank you for investing in our education and futures, it truly means so much to all of us. I’d also like to give one last thanks to all of you for listening! You all are incredible and I hope you all have a superb summer, thank you so much!