Academy News

IMG_0330June at the Academy kicked off the inaugural implementation of summer programming at the Hoffman Youth Center in Aurora. This program lasted for six weeks and met twice a week for 3 hours.  Scholars worked on writing, math, reading, and college prep activities, with the primary objective to retain some of the information that they had learned over the past school year.

In addition to summer programming, our scholars have been attending summer camp.  Eight scholars attended Junior Achievement Business Week, SUMMET Engineering/Leadership Camp at Colorado School of Mines, and American Youth Leadership Foundation Camp in Michigan.  Upon returning from these camps our scholars have had nothing but great things to say about their experiences, and are excited about returning next summer.  Five scholars will be attending RYLA  (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) in Estes Park.  Brandie, one of our sophomores, was chosen to usher when President Obama came to Denver. She was excited to get the chance to meet him, even if it was briefly!

School at Aurora Central High School starts back up again August 5th.  We are looking forward to starting the new year off in a new space within Aurora Central High School.