Academy News

The end of summer came quickly for the scholars at the Academy, as Aurora Central HS began school for the 2014/2015 school year on August 5th. Even though every scholar would suggest that summer wasn’t long enough, many of them had their summer breaks filled with experiences that they had never had before which made this summer so great for them.

In order to make the transition back to school easier the BHGH Academy staff has been working hard to secure some exciting extracurricular activities, giving our scholars something to look forward to as they let go of summer. One of those activities was a trip to Mile High Stadium where 10 lucky scholars got to attend the Broncos game in true VIP fashion. The kids where picked up in a limo and taken to the game where they got to tailgate with some of the Bronco regulars. Upon entering the stadium they were gifted with $25 each to spend on snacks, and if that weren’t enough, the seats they had were on the 4th row! For nearly all of the scholars this was their first time at a professional football game and was an experience they will never forget.DBQC5

In addition to the fun stuff, the BHGH staff is excited to announce the development of a new “On Course For College Handbook”, which will be used to guide the scholars from freshman year of high school into college. The book which is roughly 80 pages in length was a summer project that all of our Academy team had their hand in completing.  It will be a great tool for our scholars to use to ensure success throughout high school and into college.

Looking forward to other activities, our Juniors will be participating in ACT/SAT test prep starting in September with a college counselor.  They will be doing a mock test as well as advisement to prepare for the PSAT.  We have guest speakers coming in to talk about their careers and how they achieved their successes.  At the end of October, during Fall Break, the plan is to road trip to one or two Colorado colleges and see them first hand.

Thank you for making all this happen!  Feel free to set up a tour and see what good things we have happening!