Academy News by Brenda, Aurora Central High School, Class of 2017

Going into my first day of school this year I expected it to be just like the other three first day of school. Oddly enough, I felt that this first day seemed very different than the others. For reasons I can’t explain I felt so much older on this particular first day. Maybe it is the added responsibilities, or the increase of homework, or the college courses I will be taking. Becoming a senior has definitely made me look forward to future, and what it will be like when I graduate and prepare for college. Although I am excited about what the future has in store for me I can’t help but look back at what the last 3 years were like. I’ve had such a great high school experience and I will miss Aurora Central High School when I’m gone.Brenda

One of the big responsibilities I have now that I am a senior is the mountain of application essays, scholarships, and financial aid work I have to do before I can go off to college.  One advantage that I had over other classmates of mine who aren’t in BHGH is the BHGH College Boot Camp. My fellow senior scholars and I participated in the week long camp the first week of the summer.  This helped us prepare for the college application process and all of the work that goes into it. During College Boot Camp we worked on the Common Application and a variety of college supplemental essays. College Boot Camp really made me feel more relaxed when it comes to applying for college. I feel like now I have a better idea of what goes into a good college essay and application and now all I have to do is polish those essays and I will be ahead of the process.

At the moment I haven’t identified many schools that I would like to attend, however I have been spending time looking into what schools fit for me. In addition to trying to identify the best schools for me to attend, I am also studying to retake the ACT to hopefully score higher this time, which will open some more opportunities for me. As for my career path, I plan on going to college and studying medicine to hopefully one day have a career in the medical field. From the time I was little I have dreamed of becoming a pediatrician.  I would always pretend to cure the little dolls that I had and that passion has stuck with me still today.  I am going to work hard and make that dream a reality and Boys Hope Girls Hope is helping!  Thank you!