Academy News by Quincy, Class of 2018

This summer I had the opportunity to go to Nantucket to caddy, thanks to the Colorado Golf Association, and I can say that being at Camp Sankaty was the summer of my life! Everyone there was very nice and delightful to be around.

The members were kind people and some of them are even part of the Evans Scholarship. Speaking of Evans, people from the board of the Evans came to camp, and I was able to eat dinner with them and caddie for them. They also did a interview with me at Sankaty. Being at the camp was a great opportunity to network with CEOs and very successful people and pave a road to college. The camp also had us doing SAT and ACT practice and they had a college counselor there to help with essays and other college related things. To add onto that, the camp has a scholarship to give to the caddies as well. Aside from caddying and school related things, we had many opportunities to go out to town or go to the beach and just have tons of fun with the other caddies. We also played sports at the camp, such as basketball, volleyball, football, softball, track, and we ran a 4.8 mile marathon mid summer.

At Camp Sankaty, every day we woke up at 7:00am and had to be ready to caddie by 7:30. When I wasn’t caddying, I was doing work party, which is chores around the camp site, and depending on what job you got, work party could last fifteen minutes or whole hour. After work party we would normally go caddie for late morning and afternoon tee times. When we got done caddying, we would have dinner, and we would either play golf or play team sports. After team sports we would hang out and get ready for bed. Sometimes when we went to bed, we would tell stories or talk about the book we are reading. Going to Camp Sankaty was the best thing to happen in my life and I hope to go back next year!