Academy News by Ryan Widemon

BHGH Denver DIGS IIApril at the Academy was filled with activities both inside the classroom and outside in the community. The month began and ended with our Juniors preparing for their first crack at the ACT test. Our 9 juniors worked online, individually, and with a private tutor, as a class, so they were best prepared to take the test on April 28th. The students seemed pretty confident in their preparation and their performance.  Hopefully, the results will reflect it.

In other academic news two of our Academy scholars, Brandie and Jesus were selected as Aurora Scholars for the 2014-2015 school year. This citywide honor is earned by one student from each class from every school within Aurora Public Schools. Brandie, a Sophmore, and Jesus, a Junior, have been wonderful representatives for the BHGH program.  We are very proud of their continued success!

In April, Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars from across the globe participated in the BHGH National Day of Service.  Our team, led by Jack Cregan, Whitney Shook, and Karoline Horvoka, partnered with Denver Digs, a local non-profit to develop a tree planting activity in a low income neighborhood in Denver. The turnout for the project was excellent and the students worked very hard until all trees were properly planted.  Then there was pizza to celebrate!

Javier C&MThe Academy scholars, along with Residential scholars, teamed up with the Centennial Satellite Rotary Club for a volunteer opportunity at a local assisted living home. The theme for this event was “Canvas and Mocktails” which incorporated fancy drinks and an artist led elephant painting. The goal was to mix elderly residents with young students for an afternoon of painting and it couldn’t have gone better. Many of the scholars and residents asked if they could participate the next time the opportunity is offered.

Summer is around the corner with school getting out next week.  Our end of year celebration is Wednesday, May 19th, at 4:30pm.  If you’d like to join us for awards, recognition and some fun, please rsvp.  We’d love to see you there!

Academy staff and volunteers are in the midst of interviewing our freshmen candidates.  Twenty-six freshmen have applied for six spots.  Word is getting out that the Boys Hope Girls Hope Academy program is a great collegiate preparatory program.

Thank you for providing these opportunities, and future opportunities, for our scholars!  They  are taking full advantage!