ACHS Arthur pursues an ECE Internship

When I was in 8th grade, BHGH Program Manager, Ryan, came to Aurora West to tell my classmates and myself about Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado. It seemed like a great opportunity and I knew I wanted to go to college, so I applied.   

I am now a junior at Aurora Central High School. Joining BHGH was a great decision for me. The BHGH classroom has been a wonderful place for me to make friends, study, and hang out. They’ve also encouraged me to get involved at ACHS so I’m a member of Student Leadership and National Honor Society. I’m also an active member of a student-run book club at ACHS.  

I’ve had a lot of good times with BHGH— some favorite memories include visiting “The Garden of the Gods” and doing service work at the Denver Dream Center. I also really enjoy the college visits which always get me thinking about my life after high school. I hope to attend Metropolitan State University of Denver or CU-Boulder.  

Last year, I decided to apply to the Pickens Technical College Early Childhood Education program. Pickens is a certificate program for high school students and adults. There are over 50 programs designed to teach students “on the job” skills. Because I am interested in being a teacher, I decided on the Early Childhood Education program. The best part is that I actually get to work and teach children alongside their actual classroom teachers. I love how playful and fun my students are and I look forward to going to my internship each afternoon. So far, I’ve worked with one-year olds through four-year olds. On my next rotation, I will be in the infant room. Eventually, I am thinking of becoming a high school or elementary school teacher. I am so grateful to Pickens and to Boys Hope Girls Hope for supporting me in my educational goals!