ACHS Junior Roxette is Grateful for BHGH

During this season of thanks, Roxette gives thanks for Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado. She took a break from an extremely busy junior year to answer a few questions.  

Favorite memory of high school so farWinning the election for junior class president at ACHS and getting accepted into MC2, a healthcare internship for high school students.  

Best thing about being junior class president at ACHSPeople trust that I can do good things for them. They didn’t just vote for me because I’m their friend; they see how committed I am to school and to leadership.   

Best BHGH memoryI love going on field trips! My favorites have been to UNC and CU-Boulder. I love creating memories with my BHGH friends.  

Most grateful forThe privilege of getting an education. Central and BHGH provide me with a lot of resources and opportunities.  

What I’ll be doing next semester: Next semester, I’m super excited for my MC2 internship. MC2 is an opportunity for me to find my passion and explore various careers in medicine. I’ll be joining other high school students in shadowing medical professionals and assist them with taking care of patients.   

Favorite community service activityI love tutoring kids at Peoria Elementary School.  

I didn’t think I could but I didI didn’t think I could run for student council. I was afraid of rejection and speaking in front of people. I told myself, “Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.” I am so happy I put myself out there and I appreciate my courage.  

In college, I really want toI want to do so many things! Study abroad in Japan. Maybe double major in theater and pre-med. And, I want keep doing community service because I genuinely like helping people.  

How I stay focusedI constantly ask myself, “Do you want to give up and do bad or work hard and do good?” I usually pick do good.   

Best advice I’ve receivedLearn from other people’s mistakes. I’ve also learned a lot from my own mistakes.   

Advice for younger scholarsAlways persevere and don’t quit. And use your resources! 

My role modelMichelle Obama. Lots of people doubted her when she was applying to college. But she knew her potential and believed in herself.