ACHS Junior Scholar Roxette Gives an Update on Working from Home

I miss going to school. In pre-Covid-19 times, I hardly ever missed a day of school. I miss small things like walking the hallways, the classroom setting, and the well-timed routine of my school schedule. I also really miss my extracurriculars. I joined so many just so I would never be stuck at home. And now, here we are. And, I really miss my friends, teachers, and Boys Hope Girls Hope. I miss interacting with everyone and laughing at their jokes. It’s weird losing that routine so suddenly. If I had known I wouldn’t be seeing everyone for a while, I would have given them tighter hugs.  

However, with all that said, the best part about online learning is working from the comfort of my own home and having more free time. I’m currently reading “Divergent” for the BHGH remote book club. I am also continuing with my MC2 internship. MC2 is a program for high school juniors and seniors interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. I was assigned to the oncology ward at Children’s Hospital Colorado on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Although interns are no longer reporting to the hospital, my internship continues. My cohort and I meet online every week for activities and educational sessions. I am currently working on my final presentation for my internship. I will be talking about what I’ve learned, who I’ve worked with, significant learning moments, and more.  

 Observing the nurses at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders has made me consider nursing as my future profession. They are all so playful and kind but also very serious and dedicated to their work. I am also considering becoming a surgical nurse or going to medical school and becoming a surgeon, oncologist, or hematology doctor. I am very grateful that my internship continued remotely. Until we meet again, I hope everyone reading this is healthy and safe!