ACHS Scholar Isabel Reflects on her Freshman Year

It’s been nearly a year since I got accepted into Boys Hope Girls Hope and it’s been an amazing year so far. Joining this program was the best choice I could’ve made, it’s given me so many opportunities and the support the staff gives me is overwhelming.   

As an 8th grader I remember being nervous and unenthusiastic about starting high school. My friends were going to different schools which meant I’d have to make new friends and school would be much more challenging. With the support of BHGH, I’ve made strong relationships and worked hard to get outstanding grades. At the BHGH Recommitment Ceremony in January, I was named “Outstanding Freshmen Scholar.”  

Last summer and throughout the school year I’ve gone on various field trips with BHGH. I’ve been to Red Rocks, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Garden of the Gods, the Denver Botanic Garden and so many more.  I especially enjoy our volunteer work. My favorite experience so far has been the time we volunteered at Cafe 180; I had so much fun helping around the kitchen and working with other scholars as a team.  

Since summer is approaching I’ve spent a few weeks thinking about what I want to do. Boys Hope Girls Hope taught me that it’s never too early to plan for summer. I have so many ideas for summer like volunteering at a hospital or clinic, learning how to drive, taking cosmetology classes, etc. Since I find great interest in the brain, I’m currently applying for Camp Neuro which will take place in July. One thing I’m definitely looking forward to is attending Camp Miniwanca with several other BHGH scholars. I’ve never been to Michigan nor to a camp outside of Colorado but I’ve heard terrific things from scholars. I’m incredibly excited as I’m sure this will certainly be an unforgettable experience. Thank you!