ACHS Scholar Victoria is ready for 2020!

Happy New Year! My name is Victoria and I am a Boys Hope Girls Hope Scholar at Aurora Central High School. I first learned about BHGH when Emily and ACHS Scholar Achol visited South Middle School last year. I knew Achol because she was an 8th grader when I was a 7th grader. I thought, “If Achol is doing this program, it must be good.” Achol has always given me good advice on things and she got me enthusiastic about Boys Hope Girls Hope.  

My freshmen year has been action-packed! I am the student council president of the freshmen class, a member of the volleyball team and participate in Speech and Debate. I also am a member of student leadership, the Interact club, and the “Be the Change” club. So far, I am really enjoying high school. I have a lot more freedom and opportunities than I did in middle school. Boys Hope Girls Hope has been a wonderful source of opportunities for me. BHGH staff are supportive and provide scholars with the resources we need. The My Road assignments give me a deeper insight into myself and what I want to do in the future. I already know that I want to apply for the MC2 internship next year.  

Currently, I am really enjoying the BHGH college visits, career panels, and the monthly “Finance Friday” sessions for freshmen. My favorite activity so far has been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. It was a great opportunity get to know some of the other scholars better.  

Thank you for your support of BHGH! I really appreciate all the opportunities of first semester and look forward to second semester and beyond!