ACHS Senior Julio prepares for college and beyond

Ever since I visited CU-Denver as a 9th grader with Boys Hope Girls Hope, I’ve known where I wanted to attend college. I love everything about CU-Denver— the shared campus with Metro and CCD, the downtown location, all the languages and cultures represented.

I am really interested in majoring in Civil Engineering. I like math and have experience helping my cousins who work in construction. Building maintenance is very important to me.

Throughout high school, BHGH has kept me focused and has been a big support system to me. It’s where I’ve made some great friends and volunteered at places like the Denver Rescue Mission and Denver Parks and Recreation. Last summer, BHGH encouraged me to attend JA Business Week at Johnson and Wales University. I got to live in dorms for a week and experience college life for the first time.

This semester, I’m really experiencing college. I’m currently taking one class at CU-Denver and three classes through the Community College of Aurora. BHGH Program Director Laura Conti established a partnership with an SAT Prep program so I’m using this program to prepare for the October 5th SAT. It’s been immensely helpful.

Next on my list is applying for scholarships. Fortunately, I have BHGH to help guide me through the process. I am so grateful for the support of BHGH in my journey through high school.