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Apshara Expresses Her Gratitude for BHGH!

My name is Apshara and I am a proud scholar of Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado. Apart from my unique name, I also have an unique background. I was born and nurtured on the riverbank of the Timai river in Nepal, with an identity card that labeled me as a refugee. Growing up as a refugee, in my point of view, is not as hard as fitting into the western American culture. Thankfully, I came across Boys Hope Girls Hope which prepared me for the world of an American High Schooler. BHGH helped me answer questions I did not ask anybody else, due to my fear of humiliation. Questions like:

“What does exfoliates the skin mean?”

“What are the different types of degrees in colleges?”

“What is the difference between a college and a university?”

“What do I have to do for a college visit?”

And so on…

Every question I have had, my counselors and BHGH friends have been there to assist me. They are there for me supporting me in the western life, they are there to help me with word choices, with 7 languages floating inside my head, and they are there promising to guide me through difficult life choices for my successful future. I’m so grateful for this opportunity!  Thank you!