Around the House

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  At a charming 55 degrees, the snow has melted, leaving a clear concrete basketball court that doubles as a roller rink.  We’ve got to bribe the kids to come in and start their homework.  A nutritious, yet delicious afternoon snack awaits them on the counter.  Bran and lentils from Whole Foods anyone?  Just kidding….more like apples and peanut butter, YUM!

On the weekends scholars have had multiple stimulating opportunities to enjoy fun and exciting parts of the Denver community.  Cirque du Soleil, Bring it On (The Musical), and Bessie’s Hope were all winners.  Rock Band Guns and Roses battles, as well as staff vs. scholar’s nerf wars take up the rest of the evenings.  The only thing missing is “The Walton’s” collector’s edition DVD—put that on the wish list.

Both high school and elementary scholars are working hard at school, doing their personal best, and improving their grades.  Tutors have been coming regularly and have been helping and encouraging scholars through their struggles.

A nice gentleman named Chuck Roth came all the way from the BHGH in New Orleans to train staff and spend time with scholars.  He shared a delicious southern meal of pot roast, mashed potatoes, macaroni, greens, and a river flowing of luscious brown gravy.  The scholars learned how to make the meal!  Before you know it, they’ll be cooking with Chef Ramsey.

Mentors have taken the kids to lazer tag, out to lunch, and soon will be taking them to see the Denver Nuggets play other NBA teams.