Around the House

Snails, shrimp, crabs, oh my! No, no, no…. they weren’t part of our potluck special… they’re our pets!  The scholars helped each other build a fish village!  The 30 gallon aquarium features four unique fish, two crabs, two ghost shrimps, and two snails.  The tank serves as a tool to educate the scholars on how to take care of a simple pet and the importance of being responsible.  They take turns feeding the fish and cleaning the tank.

The scholars continue to volunteer at Bessie’s Hope, an organization that provides elderly citizens with social activities, that they otherwise wouldn’t have.  The scholars learned that the average yearly visits a person in a nursing home gets is—none.  Many of the scholars were dismayed by this fact and keep asking to go back.  They have made friends with them and know many of their names.  The people love it when the scholars sing, dance, and play games with them.

Recently, the boys paid a visit to the historic Cripple Creek.  The daytrip featured artists carving ice sculptures, education on casinos, and a visit to a jail that was operated up until 1998.  They dressed up in prisoner outfits while Maria Elena posed as the photographer for a photo shoot portraying the sad, miserable prisoners.

The scholars continue to work hard in school and on their goals.  Our high school girls are exploring colleges and finishing up their ACT’s.  Parent teacher conferences are coming up and staff are excited to attend!  Mentors have been actively involved, taking the kids out at least twice a month and encouraging them on their road to college.