Around the House

As the temperature rises, the lifeguards know us by name and the front desk doesn’t bother to scan our cards anymore…that’s how often we visit the pool.  Once evening comes around, it’s barely cool enough to play a round of soccer in the makeshift backyard soccer field.  The days go by fast as both scholars and staff enjoy a relaxing summer break.

In the morning, scholars continue to improve their math and reading skills, reviewing past lessons from the 2011-12 year and getting a head start on material for the upcoming school year.  Thanks to “EDUSS Online,” scholars received a state of the art software that allows them to work online at their own pace and skill levels.  It even features lessons in Spanish, for Jose Luis, our exchange student!

After the morning learning session, both girls and boys participate in a daily field trip activity.  The most recent was a scavenger hunt at our local King Soopers store.  With the help of a dietitian, scholars found delicious yet nutritious foods that they should be eating on a daily basis.  Watermelon is a big summer hit!

Aaliyah, Alexis and Adan are excited for their upcoming Boys Hope and college camps!  This will be Adan’s first ride on a commercial airplane!  He is a little nervous, but after practicing what he will need to do at the airport with staff, he feels a little bit better.  They will all get the chance to meet other scholars like themselves and people who share similar interests.

Jose Luis

As summer continues, we prepare to say goodbye to our good friend, Jose Luis, who will go back to Mexico in mid-July.  He will join us for an “All American” 4th of July and enjoy a tour of the state capital, along with one last trip to WalMart and Target.