Around the House

Some days it’s too cold to get out of bed.  You can hear alarms wail and “snooze” buttons slam as the kids savor the last bit of warmth from their comforters.  As the weather and leaves change, so does our daily routine at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado.  Hot chocolate is often on the weekly breakfast menu.

It’s hit or miss with the weather lottery and while never knowing when the next warm day will come, scholars quickly took advantage of one beautiful Sunday morning—taking a few sailboats out to the Aurora Sea.  At the reservoir they learned how to properly sail a boat and had a lot of fun doing it.  They hope that when the weather gets warmer, they’ll have the chance to do it again.

Scholars continue working hard in school and with their activities.  Miranda and Lindsay have found great tutors to help the kids with their weekly homework sessions and coach them through advanced Math problems that Ana won’t even attempt.  Jorge will make his high school musical debut in “Little Shop of Horrors” as the bass guitarist.  The musical is November 10th and 11th and tickets are available at  Things are still pretty busy at the Girls Hope home while Aaliyah and Alexis prepare for college and Stephanie and Laura continue to work hard at Regis.

October ended with a Halloween party and a pumpkin carving.  The kids have had their years’ worth of candy.  If you ever want to bring us snacks, please bring fruits or vegetables!

Thank you for all you do for our scholars!