Around the House

Eat, sleep, study. Repeat.  The lives of our scholars are predictable as they work towards their academic goals.  There is very little room for outside entertainment these days!  Despite that, we have made room for some enriching activities and to give back to the community.

Music is in the air in both houses as scholars learn and practice playing their favorite instruments.  We have a viola player, a pianist and several guitarists.  We all went to see our own Jorge play the in the pit band of the Regis Jesuit’s fabulous musical Little Shop of Horrors.

During the month of November we are reminded to count our blessings.  We made it a point to give back to others at the Special Olympics Bowling state tournament.  It was a lot of fun and it felt great to help others out!  The scholars visited with family and friends over Thanksgiving, but we had our own dinner on Sunday before Thanksgiving.  The Boys Hope Girls Hope extended family celebrated with desserts and a Thanksgiving tree.  Everyone wrote on a leaf what they are thankful for and then hung them on the tree.  We have much to be thankful for:  the program, a high quality education and the generosity you have shown us this year with your time, talents and donations.  We are blessed to have your support.