Around the House

newsletter pixHappy New Year, everybody!  January has been a busy month for the fabulous young men and women in our homes.  Here are some news from our home to yours:

  • Luis got a part in the play Les Misérables at Regis Jesuit.  Actually, he has several parts and has to hustle to change costumes and characters.  Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the play, which is on March 22, 23, and 24.  More information at
  • Alexis is training for track season.  She has been accepted to Fort Lewis College and offered a scholarship.  This is her top choice at the moment.
  • Aaliyah has applied to at least a dozen schools and is waiting to hear back from a few more to make her final decision.  So far she has been accepted to U. of Portland, Xavier, CSU and Loyola.
  • Darwyn got his screws removed from his ankle….he’s on the mend and finally getting some exercise now that he doesn’t have to use crutches any more.
  • Ahmarri started the process of getting braces.  He is a grant recipient for orthodontic treatment through Smile for a Lifetime.  This requires that he completes community service which makes other children smile.  He has not one, but two service projects that will make other children smile.  For one of the projects he is volunteering at the Saddle Up Foundation, helping children with special needs ride horses.  He has already started the work and got to muck stalls last weekend.  His second service project has to do with collecting school supplies for children in need.  Keep your eyes and ears open for any school supply donation that can help him with this project!
  • Jorge was invited to the SnoBall dance at RJ Girls Division.  He had a blast! (…and got to dance with a girl!)  Jorge has a driver’s permit and is learning to drive….watch out!
  • Adan continues with his Goshindo classes.  This is a Japanese sword art.  Remember, Adan wants to learn Japanese and travel to Japan and eventually join all the famous video game designers of the world!
  • Ulises is still relentlessly focused on becoming a neurologist.  He has arranged to shadow his sister’s neurologist as soon as he turns 16.
  • Elias is working hard to keep his grades up.  Sometimes he gets a little homesick, but when he is surrounded by his Boys Hope brothers he forgets and has a great time.
  • Laura is also working incredibly hard to keep up with the rigor at her school.  She is looking forward to being able to breathe a little easier so that she can play soccer this spring.
  • Most of the scholars went to a Nuggets game – the first professional basketball game for several of our scholars!
  • Many of our scholars participated in Bessie’s Hope.  This is a community service project where youth is paired up with “grandpartners” in a nursing home.  They have been going every month this school year and have formed meaningful relationships with several of the elders.

We hope that the New Year has treated you as well as us.  We count our blessings every day and you are one of them.  Thank you for supporting our program!