Around the House

newsletter pic2March was an exciting time here at the houses, as everybody is pumped up for the impending spring and summer. The scholars have attended Nuggets and Avalanche games and are looking forward to Rockies games in the very near future!  They have done community service events in March such as Bessie’s Hope. Both houses worked together with dyeing and painting Easter eggs. They enjoyed each other’s company very much, and had a great time.

Here is a little taste of what is going on here:

  • Adan is really enjoying his Goshindo class.  He is studying the ancient art of the Japanese Sword, and is reading up on samurai’s. He is looking forward to starting high school at Regis next year.
  • Ahmarri is working hard in school, and wants to play basketball anytime he gets. He likes to play outside with the other scholars and is fitting in well. He volunteered at Bessie’s hope working with horses, also.
  • Darwyn is really looking forward to playing soccer upcoming in the spring, as he recently has been cleared to play following his injury last fall. He is working hard in school, and is starting to think about what path he would like to follow when he graduates.
  • Elias is starting to come out of his “bubble” and socialize more and more with other scholars. He likes to play outside, and is really looking forward to the spring.
  • Jorge has been working extremely hard on his studies and researching universities that he would like to attend. He has been socializing a lot at school and is fitting in well.  He is working on his driving permit and tries to drive any time he can get.
  • Luis throughout the entire month of March was working very hard on his role(s) in the school production of “Les Miserables” He was three characters in the play, and was amazing in his performances.  He has a true talent in acting. He has also been working hard to keep his grades up to be able to “chart” his own course.
  • Ulises is becoming more of a role model around the house every day. He seems to have traits that the other scholars gravitate towards and try to emulate. He is working hard in his studies at Grandview, and has applied to attend Regis next year. He is looking forward to his future and wants to become a neurologist. He is taking the steps for such an endeavor.


  • Alexis has been working hard at her Capstone project and is looking forward to graduating.  She has been accepted at Ft. Lewis College in Durango. She will be applying to many more universities in the near future.
  • Aaliyah is also working diligently on her Capstone project, and enjoys her job on the side. She visited Xavier University in March and is applying for an internship in TX for the summer.
  • Laura is working on getting her G.P.A. up and she has made several important strides to do as such. She has been involved in volunteering at Bessie’s hope and enjoys working with animals. She will be caddying in the summer to save money for college.