Around the House

April was a transition time here at the houses, both with school and the weather.  As the snow gives way to sunny, warm days the scholars are increasingly playing outside and enjoying this beautiful earth that has been bestowed upon us.  The boys are playing golf and soccer out in the yard, as with basketball in the driveway.  All of the scholars are looking forward to the impending summer months and a chance to be out of school for a bit, however fleeting that moment is.

The scholars are working hard in school, albeit some redirection is necessary with their minds on the future.  Aaliyah and Alexis are looking forward to graduation, and are scheduling college courses for next year!  Adan is talking a lot about his “graduation” from 8th grade and is really looking forward to Regis Jesuit High School next year.  Jorge is working extremely hard in his studies, and is extremely excited for prom this upcoming weekend.

Darwyn is focusing with laser like precision on his studies and his grades are showing it.  He is a gem around the house.  Elias is loving playing outside and being a kid, his youth like wonderment about the world brings joy to many.  Luis is developing into a wonderful young man through his faith and wisdom.  He is like a lotus flower, slowly blooming into his full potential.  Ulises is continuing to learn how to become a role model and truly understanding what that means.  He will attend an event with Justice Sonia Sotomayer, and that will be an excellent experience for his continuing education.  Laura has been working diligently on improving her grades, and has made good progress.  She is wonderful to be around, and has a great charm to her that will serve her well in the future.

The scholars participated in a myriad of activities in April together including:

NDOSThe National Day of Service – For the National Day of Service, the scholars helped the Concerts for Kids Volunteers to do a little spring cleaning/fixing up around the houses. They helped the volunteers in; painting, weeding, replacing fence posts, cleaning, and planting. It was a great time and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! Great team work, and the scholars really took their service in stride.

Adan’s Confirmation –  I am happy to report that Adan Perez was confirmed in his faith on April 24, 2013.  He was thrilled to be taking part in this time-honored tradition of catechism and the conclusion through confirmation.  He said that he felt chills in his body as the Priest gave him the blessing.  He now knows the “path” and is prepared to walk down it.adan confirmation

Spring Cleaning at Regis Jesuit High School –  Jorge, Darwyn, and Luis participated in Spring Cleaning at Regis on Sunday April 21st.  They mainly picked up trash and contaminates from the grounds around the school.  Not fun work, but necessary for their continued development in volunteerism, and really, having a clean school environment in which to learn.

rock climbingRock Climbing – They had a wonderful time climbing the walls of Rock N’ Jamz in Centennial.  For most of them, this was their first foray into the world of climbing and it was a huge success.   For the next week, some of the boys were talking about taking their skills up in the mountains. Ha!  Their egos are growing faster than their muscles, in that regard.  Overall, it was a great experience for them and hopefully we can schedule more times to climb in the future.

Caddie Training – Ulises, Darwyn, Luis, Shacobie, and Laura continued their training at Colorado Golf Club in April.  They are training for a summer caddying program in the summer time, as a summer job.  They are leaning the “art” of golf in the process of helping players with their clubs.  In the meantime, they are developing relationships and contacts that will greatly help them in the future.  If you are a member at Colorado Golf Club you can request one of our scholars be your caddie.

Service Activities of Bessie’s Hope and Saddle Up – The scholars continued their service to both Bessie’s Hope and Saddle Up.  At Bessie’s Hope, the scholars helped the elderly play bingo at the home.  They made interesting conversations with the folks there and they really enjoyed their presence.  At Saddle Up, the scholars helped clean the stalls for the horses to have a clean home to live in.  Although not fun work, the scholars really seem to understand the importance of their work for the horses.

Middle School Play at St. Therese – Ahmarri and Adan starred in the St. Therese production of “The Phantom of the Opry” and rocked the proverbial house.  They were very charming and have a natural talent for acting.  Adan played the stage hand of the Opry and Ahmarri played a “Rat Catcher”.  They had a great time, and a great learning experience for both of them.

Thank you for helping provide these wonderful opportunities and experiences for our scholars!