Around the House

Woo! Summer is here!  What a month here in the homes, as it has been busy with school ending for the summer.  The scholars are playing outside nearly every day and admittedly, it is hard to keep up with them.  Along with the nice weather, the scholars have been happy about the amount of home visits on the weekends and no school during the week.

A brief rundown of the “happenings” around the homes:

Jorge turned 17 on May 29th!  He has been very studious in his approach to his college entry exams, as he has had numerous group study sessions.  He had an “excellent” (his words) prom earlier in the month.  He is looking forward to his senior year at Regis Jesuit and his eventual transition into college.   Also, Jorge was selected to be a Kairos leader next school year and feels honored to be able to be a part of it.

ulises sotamayor

Ulises met Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on May 3rd!  What a great opportunity it was for him to meet a very successful, strong woman in the field of law/government. He was selected out of a large group of students for this prestigious opportunity.  He also will be attending Regis Jesuit in the fall!  We all are happy about his change of learning venue.  It will further help him realize his dream of becoming a neuroscientist.

Darwyn visited with a US Air Force representative about his interest in joining the USAAF, possibly before or during college.  He has many ideas on what he could do in the future and is exploring his options.  The meeting went well furthering his understanding of what the service entails.  He is also training for his driving permit to attain some proverbial teenage “freedom.”

Luis is also training to obtain a drivers permit.  Before school let out at Regis Jesuit last week, he was intense in his final exam preparation.  Speaking of preparation, he is getting ready for a robotics camp, also, which he will be attending this summer for a few days.

Elias has a constant smile on his face, now that it is warm out and school is finished.  His grades improved a bit this period.  He also is looking forward to a camp this summer.  It is called EducoAdventure Camp, and there will be some “low ropes” and ecology education.  Sounds like fun!

Ahmarri along with Elias have been enjoying the sunny, beautiful weather.  His grades have improved slightly also, going into 8th grade.  His summer is PACKED with camps, going on seemingly, the entire time.  One of note is a camp in Indian Hills that he will be attending with Ulises.  It is called Geneva Glen and it will be a combination of American heritage education, arts, sports, and spirituality.  The camp should be a transformative experience for him, Ulises, and the other campers.


Shacobie attended a school trip the last week of May to Washington D.C.  They traveled to learn about history, politics, and governance.  He also attended many school functions in the last month, most notably, the opening of the school’s garden.  He will be attending Regis Jesuit next fall, as he “continued” from 8th grade this past month.  Shacobie is looking forward to that opportunity.

adan continuation

Adan also “continued” from 8th grade and will be attending Regis Jesuit in the fall.  He is excited about increased privileges around the house and his continuing Goshindo classes.  After his home visit he should be very refreshed and ready for summer learning during summer school.

Laura has been caddying at the Colorado Golf Club and is enjoying her experiences there.  She also moved into a “new space” at the Girls Hope house and is really playing up her junior “seniority” with the Girls Hope Residential Counselors. She will be attending the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) camp this summer.

Jocelyn formally moved into the Girls Hope home at the end of May.  She is a wonderful, quiet girl who has something to say when she does talk. We welcome her to the Boys Hope Girls Hope family!

Alexis and Aaliyah
Alexis & Aaliyah

I am happy to announce that Alexis and Aaliyah have both graduated from Regis Jesuit High School!  They have moved out and are looking forward to college.  We wish them luck in their future endeavors!  Alexis is planning on attending Fort Lewis College and Aaliyah will be attending Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH.  We will continue to support them throughout college so they can fully realize their goals in life.