Around the House

Transition into the school year is fully underway here at the Boys Hope Girls Hope homes.  The hot, sometimes humid relaxing summer days and nights are making way for the fast-paced learning atmosphere that seem to be correlated to the cooler days and nights.  Movie Night for the program on August 13th was a success, with many members of the community showing their support for Boys Hope Girls Hope.  Thank you to all that attended.  On the school front; it has been a mostly successful transition for the scholars, with motivation in abundance.  There is still work to be done so that the scholars can fully realize their dreams.  The counselors are helping them understand the importance of excellent school work.

Boys Hope Scholars

Jorge recently attended a writing workshop in Ohio where he learned skills and techniques to become an excellent writer.  This will greatly help him in his endeavor to become a journalist.  He recently started a job at Ace Hardware on Gartell Road and is enjoying making some money to help supplement his college fund and senior year fun.  If you need any hardware, he is your man!

Luis just started his junior year at Regis Jesuit HS and is enjoying learning to play the piano.  He is looking forward to doing theatre this year at the school, as he gave a wonderful performance in last year’s “Les Miserables.”   He is also looking into playing baseball in the spring, one of his favorite sports.

soccer1Darwyn made the Varsity Soccer team!!! He is starting as a forward, trying to score the ball every time he gets.  He is very skilled as an athlete and just as sharp in school.  He is putting his best foot forward in life, not just on the football “pitch.”  His study skills are impeccable and he is working hard to become the man he wants to be.

Ulises is working hard to make a successful transition to Regis Jesuit from Grandview last year.  He is looking into clubs to be a part of and trying to find his “niche” at school.  He is planning on playing basketball during the fall/winter months.

Adan started high school at Regis Jesuit and is practicing with the soccer team.  He has high motivation now for the athletic competition and we wish him luck on developing the skills to compete.

Shacobie also started at Regis Jesuit High School this month and is enjoying his youth group that he attends once a week.

Javier turned 14 on August 23rd!  He is also adjusting to being in high school at Regis Jesuit and it is seemingly a smooth transition for him.  He also made the JV/Freshmen soccer team and loves every minute that he is playing soccer.

Ahmarri is starting his 8th grade year at Liberty Middle School. He finds it a bit challenging, but exciting to be in a larger public school.  He is looking forward to trying out for the basketball team in the upcoming months.

Elias is also making the transition to Liberty Middle School.  He and Ahmarri are learning to be more responsible for their education as they now walk to the school bus stop every morning and walk back in the afternoon.  Elias is also interested in running track this school year, and is deciding if this is the route that he wants to take.

Girls Hope Scholars

Laura started her junior year at Regis Jesuit!  She is very happy now that school has started again and is enjoying the social aspect of school.  She is taking piano lessons at the Boys Hope house once a week and is learning a lot.  She also started participating in the Rock Climbing Club!  Her climbing fire was lit this summer when all the scholars went to Rock-In-Climb.

Jocelyn is in her junior year at Grandview HS!  She is also working very hard on her studies and is enjoying being in the house with the other ladies.  She was very quiet when she first arrived at Girls Hope, but now she is coming out of her shell more and more.  She is very intelligent and inquisitive about the world.  She is in the Journalism Club at her school.

Yovanna began her sophomore year at Regis Jesuit!  She is taking piano lessons with Laura and is really enjoying it.  She also works very hard at her studies: morning, afternoon, and night.  I’ve been told she likes to burn the proverbial midnight oil to study and get a “leg” up in her courses.  She is a very bright young lady.  She also has aspirations on being on the student council at RJHS.

Kimberly started her freshman year at Regis Jesuit!  She is eager and excited about the upcoming school year and has joined the Rugby Squad as a tackle.  She is very active and this will help her release some energy on the field so she is mentally ready to study in the evening.  Let’s hope she doesn’t lose any teeth in the process of dominating on the rugby field.