Around the House

If I were to encapsulate the happenings at Boys Hope Girls Hope in one word, that word would be busy.  School is in full swing, and the scholars are hard at work on their studies.  Most are achieving high marks and we are very proud of our scholars for their determination and study ethics. We are working with those scholars that struggling.  It is an ongoing, long process to help them understand why they are learning about something.

elias at recommitment
Elias at Recommitment

During the September, we held the annual Recommitment Ceremony where the scholars renewed their personal, long term goals for the upcoming year. The scholars enjoyed sharing their long term aspirations to their families, mentors, staff members, and friends of the program in a formal way. They were mature about it. This shows they are moving in the right direction. We thank those that attended this important moment in continuing Boys Hope Girls Hope scholarships.

Xcel Energy Volunteers

The Boys Hope home was fortunate to get maintenance help from a couple of groups in September.  Xcel Energy, Lowes and Regis Jesuit Day of Service all came over and cleaned up, wacked weeds, trimmed bushes, installed new shower doors and bathroom faucets and in general, made things sparkle.

The Girls Hope scholars are busy with activities when they aren’t studying.  Laura and Kimberly are taking piano lessons and Laura is in the Rock Climbing Club at Regis Jesuit High School.  Kimberly is on the Rugby team at Regis and scored her first points last week in front of her brother, Darwyn, the other Girls Hope scholars, and her family. We are very happy for her, as she is flourishing now at Girls Hope.  Jocelyn is earning her best grades ever and is very proud of that achievement!  She is learning to drive and is in the Journalism club.

The Boys Hope scholars are just as busy between Shacobie’s great sense of humor, his jokes make the other scholars laugh.  Jorge is looking forward to his Senior Retreat in October and is talking about it a lot.  He is also learning to drive and getting ready to take his driving test.  Adan is practicing his Goshindo after school.  Luis is active in the theatre Crew Club and is interested in playing baseball this spring.  Darwyn just got home from a trip to Kansas City to play in a soccer tournament with Regis Jesuit.  Ulises is learning the ropes at Regis Jesuit as he trasitions from Grandview.  Ahmarri and Elias are enjoying Liberty Middle School and are taking Robotics, Guitar and Art classes.

Many of the scholars enjoyed Regis Jesuit Homecoming this weekend.  Even if it did rain at the game!

Thank you to all who make it possible for our scholars to do all these great things!