Around the House

Javier & Jocelyn

October was exciting in terms of events for the youth of Boys Hope Girls Hope, and it was kicked off on October 3 with Fr. Greg Boyle S.J. who gave a presentation on his book, “Tattoos on the Heart.”   The presentation entailed his work with young people ensnared in gang culture and violence, and his mission to help them overcome that cycle of poverty, incarceration, and hopelessness.  The scholars seemed to learn a lot from his insight and powerful words.

The juniors, Darwyn, Luis, Laura, and Jocelyn, were visited by Vern Church, an educational consultant who advised them on college options and the application process.  They also attended a college fair, where they received information on several colleges from around the nation.  These events helped spur a “future” conversation with some of the scholars, talking about some of their upcoming options in terms of education.

RJHS Soccer team with Darwyn, first row far left

Jorge attended another college prep trip with his mentor Janet; this time to Washington State to visit the campuses of Gonzaga and Seattle University.  He came back with a lot of good information and a more solid position on where he wants to attend college next year. He has many smiles when talking about Gonzaga.  He is in a great position, intellectually and maturity wise, to make the next step in his education.

Luis participated in a Hunger Plunge event at Regis Jesuit, where they visited a homeless shelter and then spent the night outside the school in the cold to experience the feeling of not having shelter at night.  This was done to raise awareness of homelessness and the causes of poverty, and to create compassion for a fellow human being, who is either down on their luck or cannot take care of themselves (and others) in a healthy manner.

All of the scholars also participated in pumpkinc, a timeless, quintessential Halloween activity. They came out with all crazy Jack-O-Lanterns; from Batman to pumpkins eating each other, to just your garden variety “box”.  They all seemed to enjoy the activity and were excited to cut up some gourds.