Around the House

February was an exciting and busy month for the residential scholars at Boys Hope Girls Hope.  Though it got off to a rough start with the Broncos’ Super Bowl defeat, the scholars made sure to not follow suit by demonstrating their excellence.

On the first Monday of February our four residential juniors met with college advisor Vern Church of College Education Consultants to catch up on semester grades and discuss potential college matches.  Laura, Jocelyn, Luis, and Darwyn all filled out surveys regarding their desired college preferences, which based upon their individual data, resulted in a list of several interesting and fitting schools.  The juniors are now researching the colleges provided by Vern, as well as exploring other schools that they have found along the way.  With the college process off to a quick start, the scholars now look ahead to local college tours in March.

praying handsFebruary also offered many opportunities for our scholars to act upon their commitment to service with others.  Laura spent two weeks working at a thrift shop in Aurora fulfilling her junior service project requirements for Regis Jesuit, helping her learn the importance of serving with others.  The project got off to a slow start with Laura stocking shelves and creating displays, tasks a bit removed from the goals of the project, but it took a turn for the better when Laura got the chance to work with refugees from Eastern European countries.  Laura helped the refugees with literacy skills as well as getting them acclimated to a work environment, which was a perfect match for a girl who wishes to help people in whatever her future profession is.  The rest of the scholars spent a day off from school helping out at Praying Hands Ranch in Parker, where they experienced equine therapy.  At Praying Hands the scholars worked with young children and horses on building and forming strong relationships that will hopefully be channeled into future interpersonal relationships.  The day of a service was a hit with the scholars and many hope to return to work more closely with Praying Hands Ranch.

Following the theme of service, please keep an eye out for information regarding Boys Hope Girls Hope’s participation in National Day of Service on April 12th at Montbello Central Park.  This event, which will also be observed by the other Boys Hope Girls Hope locations in other cities, will mark the first official event in which the residential and academy scholars will work together.  Volunteers are invited and encouraged to experience this landmark event with us!

UNC College Visit
UNC College Visit

The Boys Hope Girls Hope Academy Program at Aurora Central High School is nearing the end of the 3rd academic quarter. The scholars are hard at work trying to prepare themselves for their end of term exams, as well as TCAP testing which begin next week. During the past month scholars have participated in a number of enriching activities.  At Black & Veatch, they visited the company for an introduction to telecommunications engineering and then had a tour of a cell-tower.  John Troka offered a five-week financial literacy course where scholars learned the basics of money, credit, budgeting, investments and banking.  A group of scholars learned about leadership through horse handling at SaddleUp! Foundation.  And with the Home Builder’s Foundation, some scholars learned how to use power tools to help build a handicap ramp.  A trip to Greeley was a hit when they visited the University of Northern Colorado.  This was the first time on a college campus for most of the scholars.

We are very proud to have so many of our scholars find interest and excitement in many of the extracurricular activities we have scheduled, with many new opportunities coming up.  If you want to see first hand what we are doing, please contact Mary Fran to set up a visit.