Around the House

NDOS14_optOur Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars dove right into the April spring weather with a fun outdoor activity on April 12.  The date, designated as National Day of Service by the BHGH national office, created an opportunity for scholars across the country to work together to demonstrate their commitment to community involvement.  As scholars at other BHGH sites in fourteen other cities put in hard work, our scholars flocked to Montbello Central Park to help Denver Parks & Recreation with a gardening project for their spring bloom.  Equipped with rakes, shovels, pitchforks, and various other tools, the boys and girls removed debris and mulched upwards of seventy trees throughout the park.  While there was a ton of hard work going on, there were also moments of personality and fun.  The park was full of community members enjoying the sunny Saturday, and our scholars were quick to engage with them through tossing Frisbees, kicking soccer balls and sharing in the joy of the change of seasons.

April also marked the month in which Jorge, our lone senior scholar, made the monumental commitment to a four-year university.  Luckily for Jorge and his family, he was spoiled with choice with acceptances and significant financial packages to outstanding universities across the country.  Some of the schools he was accepted at include Loyola – New Orleans, Lawrence University, Colorado State University, Drake University, and Seattle University.

Jorge's Senior photo
Jorge’s Senior photo

His decision came down to the last few days before the May 1st deadline, as Jorge has decided to attend Regis University in Denver in the fall.  Jorge has stated that the decision, which was a very tough one, came down to Regis’ proximity to home and commitment to Jesuit ideals.  We are so excited for Jorge to start a new chapter in his life come August!