Around the House

image Summer school also seeks to expand their understanding of the vast world around the scholars through a cultural education segment which brings scholars hungry for knowledge and new food to a happy place.  Each Wednesday Residential Counselor, Aimee, leads a lesson on a new culture from around the world in the morning and cooks a food from that country with a few scholars in the evening.  So far the scholars have “travelled” to Thailand, India, and Belgium!

In addition to our homemade summer school, four of our scholars took a three week course at Regis University for college credit.  Soon-to-be seniors Laura, Jocelyn, Darwyn, and Luis ventured to Regis University each morning for a course entitled “Sociology of College Success” which examined inequalities in the American schooling system and discrepancies between success rates of students from different groups, most notably pertaining to race.  The scholars didn’t like the long commute early in the morning but loved the content of the class and the experience of being an active member of a college campus. They all described the course to be helpful and should be ahead of the curve when they head to Nebraska at the end of July for Boys Hope Girls Hope collegiate prep camp.

June also brought the makeup date for our annual BHGH golf outing at Colorado Golf Club in Parker.  The date change did not stop the turnout for the event from being remarkable.  Each one of the over one hundred and twenty golfers was an outstanding and extremely generous person with great respect for the Boys Hope Girls Hope program.  We would like to thank each and every donor, golfer, and volunteer for making the golf outing the truly great event that it is each year.  We would not be the program we are today without your time, effort, and dedication to the Boys Hope Girls Hope community!