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Around the House

Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars and scholars from our School-based Enrichment Program visited the rescue for local animals.  The John Edwards Foundation invited scholars to take an active role in helping neglected and abused horses, goats, llamas and even African cows!  Although large and exotic, the animals were harmless and friendly.  The scholars fed the horses, brushed the llamas, petted the cats and ate cookies—after washing their hands.  They learned a lot about why the animals were there and how some people don’t take care of their animals properly or don’t feed them.  Moved and motivated, the scholars vowed to come back and to work hard in school, so they can get good jobs to take excellent care of the pets that they want.

In addition to the extensive service that encompasses Boys Hope Girls Hope, local Eagle Scouts are constructing great accessories to the homes.  Last Saturday, they worked all day making a beautiful park bench for the Boys Hope patio.  They are also making a barbecue pit that matches the home flawlessly!  If you happen to notice the garage at the Girls House, all props go to the Eagle Scouts.  They cleaned it out, put in matching cabinets, and made it a great place to organize and shelve tools and toys.  After completing these “senior projects,” many of the scouts will have reached the final stage in their journey and will become “black belt” scouts.

Other events this month included Stephanie’s graduation from St. Therese and her continuation to Regis Jesuit High School.  The houses held a huge party and several tutors, staff, and friends were present.  At Stephanie’s request, Mary Fran brought a three layer, massive DQ ice-cream cake!  By the end of the night, it was almost gone.

Breaking news: Five new scholars are here and ready to roll!  Summer, here we come!