Around The House By Adan, Regis Jesuit High School, Class of 2017

Adan, 6th grade scholar photo, 2010
Conor McCallin sponsoring Adan at his Confirmation, 2013.
Adan accepted into Regis University, 2017









Boys Hope Girls Hope…what a ride it has been to be a part of this program. From a feeble 6th grader to a refined 12th grader, my experience here has changed me for the better, both personally and academically. Without BHGH, I swear my life would have been more unpredictable and unpleasant than I can think.

With BHGH, I have been able to mature in a caring and rigorous program that allows me to chase my academic pursuits with help. For the 7 years I have spent here, I have watched as people entered and left, and have struggled through various events in my time here. However, in those struggles, I came back stronger and aware of myself and the world.

Luxuries such as having a mentor or attending certain summer camps would have never been possible had I not joined Boys Hope Girls Hope. I consider my mentor, Conor McCallin, like family due to the time I’ve had to grow while under his guidance. Visiting colleges like Colorado State University and the University of Denver were never an interest of mine until I joined Boys Hope.

Basically, without Boys Hope Girls Hope, I would have had no guidance that could allow me to use my talents in a more meaningful way. With the tutors and opportunities they have offered me, my academic career became clearer and much more refined. Having now been accepted to colleges such as Regis University and Metropolitan State University of Denver, I can see how great Boys Hope Girls Hope has been for me. I plan to choose a college to attend soon and am proud of myself for getting this far.