Around the House by Aldo, Grandview High School, Class of 2020

My first few weeks at Grandview High School have been great. I made friends at Liberty Middle School that are now at Grandview, so that has been good way to start the year. The day starts early leaving for the bus at 6:15am.  School starts at 7:15 with either Geography or Team Sports depending if it’s an A or a B day. I like having two different days in my schedule so I don’t take the same classes every day. It gives me more time to do my homework too. When that class is over I attend Computer Aided design or Spanish for Native Speakers. Then I either have lunch or go to my third period which is Physical Science.  After lunch I go to Honors English and Algebra 1.

Aldo, with his sister Jocelyn, who graduated as a Girls Hope scholar from Grandview in 2015

School ends at 2:42 I get ready for soccer practice which goes from 3:15 to 5:00. I usually get home at 5:25. Once I get home I eat dinner with Boys Hope or on Tuesdays my Mentor, Gregg, takes me out to eat. Sometimes we go to his house and eat dinner with his family and other times we go someplace near Boys Hope. After dinner I get straight to homework and get everything done.  Once the clock hits 8:30 PM I head downstairs to do my chore. After my chore I turn in my phone, shower and get ready for the next day. This schedule has taken time to get used too but, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. It is different from Liberty Middle School but having a mentor and having Kevin, our Academic Success Corps member, help at the Boys Hope Home makes it easier.   I’m trying to make the most of this opportunity.  Thank you!