Around the House by Alejandro, Regis Jesuit High School, Class of 2021

Hi, my name is Alejandro and I am a residential scholar at Boys Hope Girls Hope and I am also a freshmen at Regis Jesuit High School. Before starting school I attended summer school at Regis Jesuit. This really helped with getting more comfortable with the school and it helped me make friends. After a couple weeks I began my first day of school. My first couple weeks of school were great because I have excellent teachers and fun classes. The classes I am in are  Algebra, Seminar, English, Theology, Health, Physical Science, and Global Studies.

I really enjoy soccer so I decided to join the Regis Jesuit soccer team this fall. I also enjoy hanging out with the boys at the Boys House, and having a game of basketball or playing video games.

I first moved in to the Boys Hope House three months ago, and my first weeks at Boys Hope were really fun because I hung out with Eddie, Adan and Javier. They taught me the ropes and they showed me how to enjoy the BHGH.