Around the House By Andrea, Regis Jesuit High School, Class of 2019

This year has been an amazing year with tons of ups and downs, and it is much better than people told me it would be. This year I’ve had the chance to meet so many new people, even people I never thought that I would be friends with last year. I’ve learned that if I am myself around people it is easier to make friends. I also made a lot more friends by joining the Rugby team. I didn’t even know what Rugby was or that it existed when I joined the team, but recently I got my Varsity letter and certificate for Rugby. I never thought that I’d play Rugby or stick with it for the whole season, but I did and found out that I love it!

I’ve gotten the opportunity to try so many new things this year like ceramics, a Capella club, piano lessons, Friends-giving, and tea parties. I thought that I would never have a tea party at this age, but thanks to Kaylene, another residential scholar, I’ve attended one!  Another fun experience I’ve had thanks to my residential counselors and BHGH is
friends-giving. We got to invite our friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving with a dinner. It was a lot of fun to have all of my friends over. I also know how hard it is to calm down a huge group of teenage girls, so I also want to thank the residential counselors for that. I’ve gotten to experience things like this and so much more because of BHGH. I wouldn’t have been able to take piano lessons or go to the gym to lift weights without the help of BHGH, and I most definitely wouldn’t have been able to pay for Rugby gear and costs without BHGH. So, I want to thank everyone that is a part of BHGH, and all the donors for making my Sophomore year as great as it has been, and for the continuous help you have provided me.