Around The House by Jack Cregan

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado concluded 2014 with one of the busiest and most exciting months of the year.  December was a month of finals preparation, college applications, and holiday parties, allowing the scholars and staff to enjoy the perfect balance of work and play.

While the scholars from Regis Jesuit were studying for their final exams to conclude the semester, Destiny was preparing for the Regis Jesuit Girls Division entrance exam.  Destiny worked closely with Laura and Katie to refine her application and showed great initiative in the application process and in studying for the exam.  Destiny hopes to be the next Girls Hope scholar to walk the halls of Regis Jesuit High School.

On the following Saturday the four seniors took their final college readiness assessment, when they took the ACT at Aurora Central High School.  The scholars each put in months of preparation to improve upon their previous scores from their April exam, with Darwyn taking one-on-one classes with Denver Test Prep, Luis and Jocelyn tackling thick ACT practice books, and Laura utilizing online materials provided by the BHGH International office.  In the end, the hard work paid off, with all four seniors improving upon the previous scores, making their resumes that much more competitive for potential colleges.

December was full of tangible gifts as well.  The scholars conducted their own Secret Santa gift exchange at the Girls Hope house, and the scholars learned how far $10 of allowance could go towards making another scholar happy.  The Christmas party was a huge success with presents provided by Quizno’s.  The girls received makeup kits, nail polish, hair accessories, and even some designer wallets.  The boys were lucky enough to receive Broncos and Nuggets gear, while everyone was grateful they received Axe shower kits to keep up the hygiene.  Denver Broncos player and Boys Hope Girls Hope supporter Brock Osweiler even stopped by to sign some gear and share some holiday spirit.  Check out their celebration:   Thank You Quiznos!

Destiny and Kimberly Show Off Their Gifts

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado would like to thank all those who helped make the holidays a great success.  We also extend a huge thank you to those who have helped us throughout 2014.  We wish everyone a Happy New Year!