Around the House by Jack Cregan

As is the case every year, May was an exciting, busy month for Boys Hope Girls Hope. With the conclusion of the academic year, final exams, AP tests, and graduations spanning through the month, the scholars and staff alike prepared to finish the year strong.


The senior scholars demonstrated their combination of academic excellence and immense creativity in their Senior Capstone Projects. The Senior Capstone Project at Regis Jesuit intends for the graduating class to encapsulate their high school experience in their own unique and creative way, granting them a forum to reflect upon and share about their time at Regis Jesuit. Loara channeled her love for painting into a four-paneled expression of what each year of high school looked and felt like, effectively conveying the gratifying chaos of her Regis Jesuit experience. Darwyn tapped into his competitive and fun sides to show that life and high school are like a game, and chronicled his journey through Grandview and Regis Jesuit in a Monopoly-type game of highs and lows, successes and defeats. Luis told his story through a deck of cards and a magic trick, blending his fantastic performance skills with one of his passions blowing away the staff and students at Regis Jesuit. All three scholars received high marks and praise for their hard work, and completed the last requirement for graduation.


Though academics are always a priority, in May they truly become a central focus. The scholars dedicated many hours to their term essays and final exams, showing their commitment to their education. Loara took advancement placement exams for AP Spanish Literature & Culture and AP English Language & Composition, hoping to earn college credit and take advanced courses at CU Boulder next year. Javier, who underwent struggles in his transition to Regis Jesuit during his freshman year, has rebounded to consistently delivering high-level work and currently surpassing the academic goals mapped out by him and his support staff at Regis Jesuit and Boys Hope. The Boys Hope scholars even took to collaborative work with Jerkuei, Adan, and Javier working together to create multimedia assignments like movies and Photoshop projects for their respective classes. And in addition to their regular course work at Liberty Middle School, Eddy and Elias have started preparing for their upcoming trip to Boys Hope Girls Hope Campus Camp in Nebraska in June. The boys have been reading selected books for projects they will do when they join other Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars their age from affiliates across the country.


Scholars have also been gearing up for summer by getting jobs to start saving money for their college savings accounts. Adan recently got a job advertising signs for UPS a few blocks from the Boys Hope home, allowing him to have spending money in his pocket and savings in his college account. Darwyn and Jocelyn have started working with a Boys Hope Girls Hope supporter at his personal business, teaching them responsibility, autonomy, and financial planning. Kimberly and Loara attended a work fair through Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS! at Aurora Central High School with the Academy program.  Luis and Loara are both working at local restaurants.  Jerkuei is busy with Solich Leadership Academy.


Our graduates are now focusing on the transition to college.  Darwyn and Luis are planning to attend University of Northern Colorado, Loara will be at University of Colorado and Jocelyn is looking towards Colorado Mesa University.


Boys Hope Girls Hope and the scholars thank you for making these celebrations possible!