Around the House by Jeanne, Regis Jesuit High School, Class of 2019

As of today, I have officially been a scholar in Boys Hope Girls Hope for about 3 months. I enjoy being a part of this program, because not only does it give me a place to lay my head down during the weekdays, but the people here with me offer a helping hand in pursuing my goals for the future. Before coming to Boys Hope Girls Hope, it would take me more than two hours to get home from Regis Jesuit and most of the time that was after extra-curricular IMG_4383activities. That long commute took all the motivation I had to do my schoolwork, which meant my grades were declining as well as my mood. Fortunately, my counselor at Regis Jesuit referred me to this program, in hopes it would give me an opportunity to get back on my feet.

Looking back on this, I can definitely say Boys Hope Girls Hope has given me more than just this opportunity; it has helped me realize my potential as an individual, student, and woman for others. Over the last three months I have been encouraged to attend career panels, do community service, improve my organizational skills, take my schoolwork more seriously, and have a more positive attitude towards shaping my own future. I owe many thanks to this program, for pushing me to do the work I need to, in order to get to where I see myself in these upcoming years.  I am so grateful for this chance.  Anytime you want to join us for dinner, call ahead and we will put another plate on the table!