Around the House by Jon Walz

Here at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado summer break does not necessarily mean a break from learning and developing.  Each scholar took part in a summer curriculum.  We also welcomed Andrea, Selena, Aldo and Jonathan into the program as Residential Scholars.

The Residential Counselors planned a summer full of developmental lessons and activities for the scholars.  Each week the scholars improved their academic skills while analyzing different subjects, and topped off the lessons with a field trip.   Topics ranged from climate science to health and fitness.  Scholars visited the campus of University of Denver, the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, and Pike’s National Forest to list a few.  Time for rest and relaxation was also planned with trips to Movie Night at Infinity Park, summer concerts and a few epic kickball games.

The scholars spent the summer completing assignments in Boys Hope Girls Hope’s College Road Portfolio.  This preparatory tool guides each scholar as they prepare for college and reinforces the values of Boys Hope Girls Hope.  Scholars took part in life skills activities including Financial Literacy training offered by Bank of America volunteers and multiple service projects.  Andrea attended summer school at Regis Jesuit High School and Aldo went to summer school at North Middle School.  Adan and Javier worked with Diana Heinle on their required summer reading.  They went to the Denver Botanic Gardens to see what a pavilion is and how tsquadhat relates to the World Fair they were reading about in Chicago.

Eddy, Elias and Aldo were tutored this summer by Ben Norris.  The boys appreciated the extra help, and were eager to show Ben their soccer skills after every tutoring session.

In addition to summer instruction, several scholars had summer jobs.  Jocelyn and Darwyn learned the basics of marketing and business research while assisting a local business owner.  Javier and Eddy spent a portion of the summer landscaping for a neighbor.  And Jonathan showed off his knack for theatrics as a sign spinner.

Adan and Javier were lucky enough to take part in two different camps this summer; Geneva Glen Camp and Camp RYLA.  The boys came back from both camps thrilled with the experience and happy to share with the scholars.  Loara, Jocelyn, Darwyn and Luis attended Collegiate Camp in Nebraska before leaving for their freshman year of college.

Our college freshmen attended orientations at their different colleges.  While we were excited to hear how orientation was, each car ride was silent.  They all got in and promptly fell asleep!  Maybe they pulled their first all-nighter?!  In preparation for college all received scholarship and loan training and have gone shopping to outfit their dorm rooms.  Hard to believe but Jocelyn is heading off to Colorado Mesa University on August 9th!

Thank you for making all these different opportunities possible for our scholars!  We are very grateful.