Around the House

Time flies when school is in session!  The school year is in full swing.  Our scholars have had tests, group projects, and our youngest scholar has built a model of a cell out of candy.  We have welcomed back our returning tutors, as well as some new faces.  The scholars are making progress in their studies and are off to a great start to their school year. 

The girls snuck in a late season Rockies game and a couple of our boys attended a Broncos game.  Our Regis scholars attended the Homecoming football game and dance.  Noah and Nealand even dressed out for their first varsity football game this month!  We had a joint house dinner and watched the ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show which featured the Girls Hope home in Baltimore. 

We have volunteered with the Freedom Service Dogs in early October.  We also helped at a Special Olympics event one weekend, cheering on competitors as they ran to the finish line.  Last weekend we helped set up the haunted house at the Denver Children’s Museum.  We even got to dress up to spook the guests – BOO!

We are looking forward to some professional dinners with guests in the next couple of weeks.  We are hoping to meet with an architect, a pilot and a businessman next month. 

Thank you for your help as tutors, mentors, and football cheerleaders!

Wish List
Non-stick sauce pans and fry pansOne-ply toilet paper
DressersPaper towels
Extra long twin beds (3)Soap and lotion
Hats and glovesSnow shovels
Windshield scrapersToilet and bathroom cleaner
Please contact Tracy Goodwin at 720-524-2061 if you have, or can help secure, any of these items for the residences.  The staff and students would be greatly appreciative – and better equipped!