Career Highlight: Our Interview with Z1CareerZone


  What is Z1CareerZone’s Mission? The Z1CareerZone mission is to change individual’s lives, one career at a time. Z1CareerZone helps our clients realize their greatest potential and use their unique talents and attributes to secure the career they desire and deserve.    What do you do at Z1CareerZone?  We offer coaching and a personalized career plan […]

CSU Collegian Alejandra Talks about Her Sophomore Year


“Do you actually like your major?” “Are there any other Hispanic females in any of your classes?” “Do you ever want to change your major?” I am a sophomore at Colorado State University studying Engineering Science with a concentration in Space, and the answers are yes, I completely love my major, there are few-to-none other […]

ACHS Scholar Isabel Reflects on her Freshman Year


It’s been nearly a year since I got accepted into Boys Hope Girls Hope and it’s been an amazing year so far. Joining this program was the best choice I could’ve made, it’s given me so many opportunities and the support the staff gives me is overwhelming.    As an 8th grader I remember being nervous […]

A Freshman’s Goals for the Future


I joined Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado the summer after 8th grade. The people in the BHGHCO community are close, like a family. BHGHCO helps me with the academic struggles of Regis Jesuit High School and helps me make new friends, so that I feel comfortable here. I even made First Honor Roll for […]

Discipline through Hardship


Armonium, Collegian University of Colorado-Denver Discipline through Hardship Discipline from my college experience so far is the most important thing I have learned. Lack of preparedness from high school left me having to struggle in the beginning of my semester. I wasn’t well prepared for college chemistry and biology and as a pre-med student, I […]

Reflections of a Freshman


I go to Regis Jesuit and I love it. It was, however, a big change from middle school. In middle school, I got little time to myself apart from lunch and could do my homework in less than 30 minutes and not have any errors. Now at Regis Jesuit I have a lot of time to myself but it takes me […]

Curiosity + Courage = Success


I attended Aurora Central High School when I heard about Regis Jesuit High School. All I knew was it was a private school. When my friend Jose, who was originally going to Aurora Central, said he was going to Regis Jesuit, I didn’t feel much.  Of course I was curious but overall, I was happy for him because he really wanted go […]

My Trip to CU Denver


On September 14th, the Regis and Aurora Central scholars joined forces for a tour of the University of Colorado-Denver. I was especially excited because CU Denver is one of the top schools on my list due to the BA/BS-MD program.    We came to the campus via RTD, and it was comforting to know that […]

Jose’s Guatemala Experience

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One word to describe it all, UNFORGETTABLE. This trip has been an experience of a lifetime; making an impact on a community, teaching kids English, visiting beautiful sites, and forming long lasting relationships. It wasn’t just a service trip, it was something to remember. I recall losing myself counting down the months, then the weeks, […]