BHGH Scholars Reflect on the 2019 Collegiate Prep Seminar

BHGH Scholars Reflect on their Experience at the 2019 Collegiate Prep Seminar  

It was an early Sunday morning…3:30 AM to be exact. 12 collegians are waiting to embark on their journey to St. Louis for the annual Collegiate Prep Seminar.  For some of the students this was their first time at Denver International Airport, first time experiencing the madness of security, and the first time getting on an airplane. Throughout the week of Collegiate Prep students are gaining valuable information that will help them as the prepare to go off on the wonderful journey of college. They are gaining information on budgeting and credit investing, how to make a professional LinkedIn profile and networking skills, packing for college, and hearing motivational speakers and what work and effort was put in to become the successful business owners they are today. Our 12 scholars are also getting the opportunity to meet with the other 100 scholars from all the different BHGH affiliates around the US. They are building relationships and friendships that will last a life time. Throughout this entire week the students have been working vigorously on their legacy statements. These legacy statements are 2 to 3-minute speeches the students write about how Boys Hope Girls Hope has had an impact on where they are and where their future is going to take them. Here are just a few of the wonderful speeches the students came up with… 


I often ponder my accomplishments, but see that these milestones are not only a reflection of the individuals that aided me in my journey. I will forever be thankful for the opportunities that Boys Hope Girls Hope has provided me with, and will always be grateful for the vibrant individuals that this organization holds. I am overly gratified to be a part of an organization that empowers its scholars to be a force of positive change in their environment, and as a source of inspiration for others around them. 

I come from an environment that is subjugated for me to fail. Through my adversities as a scholar and as a minority, I never seem to break under the pressures that surrounds me. Never breaking, a trait and quality that suits me in all spectrums, is what I chose to leave behind as I embark on my journey of eminence. As a Saguilan, as a collegiate, this is what he molded me into the individual I am today. It has served as a source of persistence, and has kept me at bay through my hardships. 

 I am the product of hard-working parents. I am an artist in pursuit of balance. Reminiscent of everything I aspired to be, the legacy I leave behind is still a work in progress. Whilst failure is human nature, I fall to get up, and fail to grow. In all, the blessings that manifest before me have helped me understand my purpose on this earth. I am who I am, and accept the challenges around me. We never break, and we never fold. Thank you. 



I am a proud Latino. My parents immigrated to America seeking better lives. I would not be where I am today without my parents had they not immigrated. My dad in particular has been my biggest inspiration to keep going forward and evolving. As a child, I saw my dad taking care of me when my mom couldn’t, buying me toys, and taking me out to get a kids meal. My dad is always there for me. My dad has also inspired me to become an architect. He is a construction worker and as a kid I always saw him building something for the house whether that be a shed or a porch for our backyard. It amazed me seeing the finished product at the end.

Boys Hope Girls Hope has shown me so many opportunities that I didn’t think could ever be available to me. Not only has Boys Hope Girls Hope helped me prepare for college, but also apply to college. Boy Hope Girls Hope has also given me the chance to give back through volunteering. Volunteering has showed me that giving back to your community can be fulfilling and gratifying. 

My legacy is to inspire others to reach their goals and more importantly their dreams regardless of their background. To show that it is possible to do what your heart desires. I believe that everything happens for a reason. God has a particular journey for each and every single one of us. I also believe that your past doesn’t define you, there is redemption to everything. The future is yet to be known so enjoy today to the fullest. I like this one quote from a Disney movie, “ Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Living to my fullest potential is what I strive for everyday.