Boys Hope Scholar meets Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotamayor

ulises sotamayor1,200 eight, ninth, and tenth graders across Colorado applied for the unique opportunity to see US Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor at the Ralph L Carr Justice Center on May 2nd.  One of our bright scholars, Ulises, was selected to represent his legislative district for the event along with 99 other students.  After arriving, he socialized with the other students and met some state representatives.  Then we were all entertained and moved by Justice Sotomayor’s depiction of her life’s struggles and achievements as students took the opportunity to ask the justice questions about her childhood, experiences at law school, and now as one of the nation’s highest judges.  Along with Colorado State Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael L. Bender, Justice Sotomayor opened the new learning center, and Ulises enjoyed exploring this area as well as the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.  You can watch this event at