Brenda, Aurora Central High School Graduate, 2017

I’m Brenda, an Academy scholar that just graduated from Aurora Central High School. I am the first in my family to graduate from high school. And I am the first in my family to continue on to college.  If it weren’t for Boys Hope Girls Hope, I wouldn’t be able to say that today.
Back when I was a freshmen, college wasn’t on my mind.  My only goal was to finish high school. It wasn’t until I found myself sitting in a Boys Hope Girls Hope information session that I realized college was within my reach. Attending Boys Hope Girls Hope after school gave me a time and place to do my homework, instead of arriving home to my energetic baby brother and little sister.  I also attended Career Panels, learning about different career paths and participated each year in the summer programs Boys Hope Girls Hope provided.
Last fall, time was really of essence with all the college application deadlines.  We had volunteers, like Amy Kennedy, help us with our essays at College Boot Camp.  The night one of my college applications was due, Elle stayed late to help me make the final edits to my essay. Because of that essay and their help, I received over $16,000 in merit scholarship awards from Colorado State University. That is over $60,000 for my four years at CSU.  In addition, I will receive a scholarship from Boys Hope Girls Hope each year, if I meet all the requirements.
Because of Boys Hope Girls Hope I will be a freshmen at CSU having the time of my life!  But don’t worry I’ll make time to study too.  I plan to major in biology.  Not only will it provide me a step towards my goal of entering the medical field, but it will also set an example for my siblings to follow. Thank you for coming and supporting Boys Hope Girls Hope, and helping me set higher goals for myself.  I wouldn’t be here without each of you!

The Above is the speech Brenda gave at the 2017 Hope Challenge Golf Tournament on June 12, 2017.