Brooke’s Summer of Solich

When I was in 4th grade, my brother Quincy applied and was accepted to Boys Hope Girls Hope. I remember him talking about book clubs, meeting Mike Coffman at a career panel, and getting his job caddying with Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy. The years went by quickly and when I was in 8th grade, Quincy brought me an application and urged me to apply to Boys Hope Girls Hope and Solich. He told me that there were many opportunities in front of me. I was so scared before my interview but everyone was really nice when I walked in. A few weeks later, I was eating lunch with my friends and Emily called and told me I was accepted into the program. I was so happy! My first summer as a BHGH scholar, I kept busy with caddying and the BHGH summer program. My favorite field trip was to the 4 Mile Park; it was so peaceful and old-fashioned.  

In August, my freshman year officially began. Everything felt chaotic in the beginning but the BHGH classroom provided me a place to just breathe and be myself. It’s also given me many other opportunities. Like Quincy, I got to meet Mike Coffman at a Career Panel a few months ago. I get to participate in our monthly book clubs; my favorite book this year was “Night” by Elie Weisel. Recently, I got to volunteer with my fellow BHGH scholars at Cafe 180, a “pay what you can” dining establishment. My favorite event so far has been volunteering at the BHGH Golf Tournaments. Because of my job with Solich, I feel really comfortable and confident talking golf with the players.  

Boys Hope Girls Hope really encourages my involvement in extracurricular activities and I played volleyball and earned my first varsity letter in volleyball. I am also a member of the ACHS swim team. Additionally, I am an airman first class in ROTC and a deputy flight commander. I also participate in student leadership.  

This summer, I really, really looking forward to returning to Solich as a golf caddie and attending Camp Miniwanca with other scholars. I can’t wait to swim in the lake there; I just learned to swim this year and it will be my first time not swimming in a pool. I can’t wait for sophomore year and my continued adventures in school and BHGH.