Campus Visit to Metropolitan State University

by Jesus M.

On Saturday, November 8th, 9 of my BHGH friends and I visited Metropolitan State University, and while we were there we attended a couple of lectures on useful subjects that will help us get into college. Our first lesson was on financial aid and how we can pay for college. This information was actually new and helpful even with all of the past information we have been provided with. We were also given the option to choose one other session apart from the JesusMfinancial aid session to learn about and we chose the admissions office readiness. This session prepared us for the future in the sense that it explained to us what we should have completed and what is recommended to have completed before applying to Metro State. We were given the chance to explore different activities and groups offered at MSU as well. After the sessions we were given a personalized tour of the majority of the campus. All of our questions were answered and interesting facts were provided to us by our tour guide. Overall, our trip to MSU was interesting and informative.