Career Highlight: Our Interview with Z1CareerZone


What is Z1CareerZone’s Mission?

The Z1CareerZone mission is to change individual’s lives, one career at a time. Z1CareerZone helps our clients realize their greatest potential and use their unique talents and attributes to secure the career they desire and deserve.   

What do you do at Z1CareerZone? 

We offer coaching and a personalized career plan to help our clients prepare for the hiring process and realize their full potential. Our clients go through our interactive 12-week curriculum that consists of 5 Zones. Each Zone focuses on an overall topic that is broken down into modules. Our Zones cover personal and professional assessments to the hiring process, interview preparation and more. Once our clients reach the End Zone, they are ready to start and thrive in their new career. 

Why Z1CareerZone? 

Z1CareerZone exists to share a comprehensive proven system to our exceptional clients “that want” a differential advantage in the job search arena vs. their peer group. We exist to not only impact our clients through our initial engagement, but also for many years throughout their careers. We exist to change peoples’ lives so they can put their mark in our world. Most important of all, we exist to help our clients not only find the “what” in their lives and careers, but to be able to answer the most important question of all, the “why”! 

Which collegians are your currently working with and what projects for BHGH? 

We have two of our coaches donating their time to take two BHGH Scholars through our 12-week curriculum to help guide their next steps after college graduation. 

  • Loara M. working with Z1CZ Certified Coach, Suzanne Hinton 
  • Jorge P.  working with Z1CZ Certified Coach, Kevin Jonell

What are some of your future goals you envision with BHGH? 

To be able to expand our offerings to additional scholars here in Colorado and then to the other cities where BHGH is represented. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We are passionate about giving back, as it is one of the four pillars of our company’s foundation. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be philanthropy partners with the incredible organization of BHGH of Colorado and looking forward to our continued partnership and growth.