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Carlos, BHGH Scholar, Liberty Middle School, Class of 2022

Carlos With His Regis Jesuit HS Acceptance Letter

My name is Carlos. I’m in 8th grade, and I go to Liberty Middle School. I’m also a Boys Hope Girls Hope Scholar. Because of Boys Hope I get to practice my passion, soccer. I am a huge soccer fan and I hope to one day do it professionally. Before Boys Hope I couldn’t practice because it was too expensive for my family. Now I play on a team and enjoy it. Every time I’m on the field I enjoy it greatly. It lets me forget all the problems in my life and enjoy what I do have. Just being able to go to practice every week and play the game every weekend is a dream come true. Thanks to Boys Hope I have the chance to further that dream, make myself happy or just be satisfied that I didn’t give up. I gave it my all and if I don’t make it then I did all I could.

I also live in the Boys Hope home and it is a great experience. The boys are all involved in helping each other and all of them are social. I also feel very supported by the counselors who take time out of their day to drive me to practice or the gym. I also learn how to take care of a house and personal responsibility. They make me do chores and that helps me learn how to do them and how to clean. They even let me cook when I want to so I learn to cook.

Finally, I just recently got accepted into Regis Jesuit High School. I couldn’t have done it without Boys Hope Girls Hope. All throughout the process I had someone helping me revise my writing and studying for the entrance exam. I never felt alone as I went through all this.  Thank you for making this possible!