Collegian Corner by Alexis, Fort Lewis College, Class of 2017

Graduation is coming up and I am as nervous as ever to put my big girl pants on. My last semester of undergraduate school has allowed me to reflect a lot on my college career. I have many people to be thankful for, but if there is anyone I can be most thankful for it is my big brother, Rok. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I ever would have gone to, let alone found, Fort Lewis College.

Fort Lewis has taught me that friends will always come and go, love is hard, and opportunities are endless. Every year has been hard but senior year has been the best. I have met the best group of girlfriends, found someone who is equally as weird but loves me unconditionally, and I even h
ave a job lined up after college! I’m sad to leave my job at The Palace Restaurant, I’ve grown to love so much about it. My coworkers are awesome and have become great friends, my managers ensure the most positive environment, and I’m always having a blast serving my customers. As much as I would love to make a career out of serving, I’m ready to take on a new challenge. I’m excited to announce that I will soon be on my way to obtaining a license to sell insurance and will be working with Banker’s Life Insurance as an insurance agent. I know it’ll be hard, but it’ll worth it, just as I have found college to be.

If there is anything that I’ve learned in college, it’s that you never give up. Failing does not mean you don’t succeed, it means you try again and learn from all your mistakes. I’ve made a lot of those in my life, but my mistakes have led me to my success and will continue to do so. I’m grateful for Boys Hope Girls Hope and what this entire program has done for me.