Collegian Corner by Alexis, Fort Lewis College, Class of 2017

Summer time! What a summer! This year officially marks my third year in Durango, Colorado for college. I’ve been spent the last 3 years in this little town, including all the summers and a few Thanksgivings and Christmases. I’d have to say, this summer was one of the toughest ones yet but I couldn’t be more grateful for all the challenges. I say this because now I feel like I can fully take on my senior year.  My challenges are like many other college students have as they get close to graduation – housemates, housing, jobs, social life and oh, yeah the “What are you going to do next?” questions.  I thought when I graduated from Regis Jesuit HS as one of the first Girls Hope graduates that I had it all figured out!

Roommates and housing are delicate subjects because you may not always get the roommates or house that you hoped to get. Because of these challenges, I’ve created great new friendships and I’m apart of one of the most caring work families Durango has to offer. The Palace Restaurant knows how to hire their staff!  My coworkers are always there to remind me to keep my head up high no matter how stressful life becomes.


Now that summer is over, I’m ready to take on my last year at Fort Lewis College. I am finishing my International Business major this fall and then my Sociology minor in the spring and I couldn’t be more excited. Senior year can really be a tough year at times. Everyone is asking, “What do you want to do when you graduate?” and considering the summer I had, my response is, “I plan on taking every adventure without hesitation!” I was so busy working this summer that I missed out on some summer fun.  But that is okay because I’ve had a great college career – a semester in Costa Rica, experience working in the Business Department’s office and lots of studying!    One of my takeaways from this summer is that life is about finding the job you want to work for because you’re having fun while you’re doing it. I know I’ll find a job I love in the field I love.  I just haven’t figured out exactly what that job is!  So stay tuned, I have a feeling Senior year is going to be the most interesting year of all!  Thank you!