Collegian Corner by Jesus, Colorado State University, Class of 2020

I remember walking on that stage late May to receive my high school diploma. Twelve years of my life were spent in order to earn what I was holding in my hand. I knew that I was not finished but at that moment it seemed like I finally was. My parents were proud of me and I felt accomplished. I realized that I had to keep going so that I could accomplish more than just my high school diploma. I had to keep going and be the first in my family to attend a university and even more, get a bachelor’s degree. I was part of the first group of students to graduate from the Academy so it was great to have the other Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars there with me too.p1020866

I spent this summer hanging out with friends that I would not see for a long time after moving into my dorm in Fort Collins. I also spent my time thinking about how college would be and I remember how excited I was for this amazing opportunity. I would get to go to a great school at Colorado State University and meet some new friends and take some interesting classes.

I moved in on the morning of August 18th and I remember packing everything in the car the night before. I said goodbye, and then waved and hugged good bye to my parents and my younger siblings. I met my roommate around 10:00 am that very morning. He did not talk much at first but now that we have been living together for over two months, we have become great friends. It is funny how that happens.

The first two days were very busy and I had almost no free time. I remember waking up early the second day for a hall meeting where I was able to make new friends with the other kids on the floor of my dorm. Since I only knew of two other people from my high school that attended CSU with me, I was pretty much on my own and I had to be very social.

My favorite class so far has to be History because we are currently learning about the early 20th century.  My challenging class at the moment is Philosophy because there is a lot of reading involved. There are a lot of philosophical terms to remember and having to learn it while reading it out of a text book is difficult. On another note, I have to say that the food at CSU is way much better than my high school food and I can understand why new students gain the “Freshman 15”. With a single meal swipe I can eat all I want!

Overall my experience has been great and I am so glad that I have been able to take advantage of this awesome opportunity by attending Colorado State University and doing something remarkable for myself. I could not have gotten where I am now as a freshman in college without Boys Hope Girls Hope and my parents. Thank you!