Collegian Corner by Luis, University of Northern Colorado, Class of 2019

As “Dead Week” comes to an end I’m left with the one question everyone always asks around now: Where did the time go? My name is Luis and I am a BHGH scholar currently in college. I am a sophomore attending University of Northern Colorado and pursing my major in Elementary Education with a concentration in ESL(English as a second language). At this point in the semester we are finishing “Dead Week” which is the week before finals week. I have also already registered for my classes for next semester and I will be taking a total of 15 credits again. Apart from school, I’m balancing a part time job at King Soopers down the road from the campus. For the most part I try to stay involved by attending meetings and events around campus when I can. but I also recently applied to be a Residential Assistant (RA) on campus, and while I didn’t get it, I am an alternate which means if anyone drops the role for whatever reason I could get the job!

Boys Hope Girls Hope has helped me so much with college preparation. There are times where I look around and I see people struggling with tasks that I learned at the Boys Hope home, including doing laundry and cooking meals. Most importantly I notice people always having roommate issues along the lines of not getting along or even just being homesick. All these things I got help with ahead of time and it’s thanks to the residential side of BHGH. The summers we spent learning how to cook were amazing. I can honestly say my cooking abilities are not limited to just the usual ramen cooking college student. Every once in a while I make a full cooked meal for everyone in my dorm or even just bake them some brownies or cookies.  Above all, I notice that so many students have trouble doing their laundry, and there are times were I’ve been asked if I could help someone or just answer a quick question about laundry. It’s honestly shocking that people my age don’t have experience with such things as cooking laundry or even sewing on a button.

I have managed to balance out my time with school and work. As mentioned beforehand, I work at a supermarket as a “CC” (courtesy clerk) and cashier. Through this opportunity I’ve met a lot of new people both from school and the outside community that are willing to help me when I need it. School has been fun but stressful as well. The big thing with being in college is setting priorities and managing your time. Working part time and being a full-time student is a struggle but I manage to control it with the right planning. I study when I can, even at work during my breaks I pull out my homework and try to either do a few problems or read the assigned reading for class. I catch myself going back to my usual homework setup as I did with BHGH, sitting down for at least 2 hours a day and doing homework for that whole time period. Even if I’m done with my homework for the next day I know there is still more to do and I can always do more and stay ahead of my schedule in case things come up. Looking back, BHGH has done so much for me and they still continue to see how I’m doing. I receive random cards and care packages, not just from Boys Hope but from Regis Jesuit HS moms as well. I want to thank everyone for the constant support that I have gotten and continue to receive from Boys Hope Girls Hope!